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iHR Human Resources Interface

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Slogan iHR

iHR automatically keeps employee-related information at par between ISOtrain and your industry-standard HR software, bridging the maintenance gap without human intervention and keeping you in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Personel Data Synchronization

Make your HR and ISOtrain content perform as one. Use iHR’s wizards to easily set up customizable parameters, records and processing definitions. iHR’s procedures control automatic employee uploads at pre-defined times, populating, evaluating and updating your employee data, creating new codes and employees, and updating predetermined fields in ISOtrain with no user involvement. iHR stands guard for you while you focus in meeting the industry’s compliance requirements.

Data Accuracy

Eliminate data entry errors caused by human intervention by automatically obtaining Employee information from your HRS. Seamlessly improve data accuracy, and remain informed through logs, e-mails and reports so you always know your employee data situation at any point in time. iHR performs all maintenance with accuracy and speed, and increases your HR personnel’s productivity by granting them the time they need to do their work.

Audit Readiness

iHR operates under ISOtrain’s umbrella, thus is also 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP 211.25 / 820.25 compliant. With iHR’s automated, integrated and transaction-audited HR content uploads, your company remains in compliance and is audit-ready at any time!

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