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Softek is committed to providing the tools and knowledge businesses need to succeed in highly regulated industries. Our blog hosts a growing collection of valuable guides and resources for managing your company's training and learning programs and making the most of your Learning Management System (LMS).

how to select an LMS how to select an LMS

How to Select an LMS

Choosing the right learning management system for your business is crucial for proper employee training and compliance. The LMS you select will determine how effectively your employees gain important information about their roles in your company and their responsibilities for upholding compliance with regulating bodies.

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how to select an LMS how to select an LMS

Increase your Return on Investment With Your LMS

With the right tools, your LMS will maximize your benefits and increase your return on investment — increasing revenue and giving you more time to focus on your plans and initiatives. Learn how you can configure your LMS to meet your business needs while providing training that facilitates employee growth, satisfaction and retention rates.

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how to improve on-the-job training with an LMS how to improve on-the-job training with an LMS

How to Improve On-the-Job Training with an LMS

To get the most of on-the-job training (OJT), align it with clearly defined goals, other training formats and visibility. Learning management systems (LMS) help here, adding value and visibility to on-the-job training programs. Take a look at how on-the-job training and learning management systems work hand-in-hand.

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mobile learning management systems mobile learning management systems

A Guide to Mobile Learning Management Systems

With over 18 billion mobile devices predicted worldwide by 2025, it's safe to say mobile is taking over the world. A mobile LMS will only increase the outreach of responsive, efficient learning for constant training and interactive engagement. Consider the benefits and features of a mobile LMS that can bring a competitive advantage to your business.

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empower your employees empower your employees

How to Empower your Employees

As a leader, knowing how to motivate, inspire and empower your employees is one of the most vital aspects of your job. Many employees in your organization might have the potential to expand their abilities and do more, but they lack the resources or authority to implement it, which can leave them feeling frustrated and disengaged.

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LMS Success in Mixed Virtual and On-Site Working Environments LMS Success in Mixed Virtual and On-Site Working Environments

LMS Success in Mixed Virtual and On-Site Working Environments

The workforce of the future is hybrid, meaning some employees work on-site and some remote. Learn more about how to train employees in a hybrid workplace.

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