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ilink Web Services API

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iLink, ISOtrain’s extensive library of Data Services, is a Software Development Kit to facilitate delivery of ISOtrain data to 3rd party solutions for any integration need, assisting you to remain in compliance with your qualification requirements.

Standardized, Secure and Trustworthy API

iLink allows infinite possibilities for applications and solutions’ development. Through RESTful model, http protocol and JSON’s lightweight format, iLink provides a standardized, fast and trustworthy API. iLink’s secure API services make ISOtrain’s information readily accessible to you so you have immediate access to your enterprise-wide data. Be in control of the information you need!

Data Accuracy and Productivity

iLink locates and delivers to you the data you need –up-to-date, accurate ISOtrain information. Make the data directly available to any 3rd party application within your company. Eliminate the need for re-entry, seamlessly improving data accuracy and use of resources. Greatly increase your productivity by allowing your organization to use its data anywhere and in any way it needs.

Integrated Experience

iLink makes ISOtrain more than just a mobile, fully integrated LMS – it makes ISOtrain database a secure source of qualification information at your disposal at any time and for any reason. Benefit from iLink’s Administrator Services for account management purposes, Data Transfer Services, News Services, Role-oriented Services for Employee, Supervisor and Instructor Data, along with Course, Schedule, Sessions, Training, Signature, and Qualification Data Services.

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