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Slogan iSOTrain Mobile

Have access to ISOtrain’s Portal, anywhere and anytime, through tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. ISOtrain Mobile takes Training and Performance to a new level of communication, interaction and decision-making potential!

Global Mobile Access

Augment your connectivity and productivity by leveraging today’s prevailing use of smartphones and tablets. Whether you are at your desk, running around your site, traveling in or out of the country or at home, you have global access to enterprise-wide administrative and personal tasks. iMobile’s Dashboard is your gateway to ISOtrain, where you can view your personal Due Requirements, enroll in Sessions and take Self-train Courses, access your To Do activities, Schedule, and Qualifications. You can also conveniently browse the Course Catalog, and read News and Events.

Individual Compliance

Empower anyone in your organization to care for training-related tasks and to timely fulfill qualification requirements. Employees keep abreast of training tasks with easy access to view Pending and Past Due Requirements, To Do list, Schedule, Qualifications, respond to Training Invites, navigate the Course Catalog, Register and take Courses, or Cancel Session Attendance as needed. Supervisors, Training Coordinators and Administrators view, manage and communicate with employees, respond to approval requests, and remotely perform other administrative and support functions such as Resetting Passwords, Unlocking Accounts, and more. Instructors proactively manage their Training Schedule and Qualifications. Everyone, anywhere in control!

Integrated Experience

Enjoy a fully integrated experience. Under ISOtrain’s umbrella, iMobile offers Employees, Instructors, Supervisors, Training Coordinators and Administrators direct connection to your database and secure access to their data, Virtual Learning, Social Collaboration Blogs, Forums and more. All fulfilled training requirements are automatically registered in ISOtrain, resulting in up-to-date qualifications that keep you in compliance with regulatory and company requirements.

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